Ogden Interfaith Works is an association of religious, social action, and community organizations within the Greater Ogden area that meets regularly to share ideas and support social action within the community. Our mission statement is:

 "Honoring our diversity, we seek to live out a
common voice in response to human suffering." 

The group's current priority is to raise funds for the Northern Utah Food Cooperative so it can secure a permanent home. Other Interfaith Works projects include a clothing drive for families of a local elementary school, annual walk-a-thons, and a book drive to obtain books for Head Start children. Other charitable causes, community action, and informational meetings are undertaken by the group throughout the year.

Interfaith Works Steering Committee

Alane Currier Griggs

Alan Dayley

Nancy Groshart

Jan Luger

Susan Farber

Nancy Nightingale


This web site has been created in an effort to foster interfaith  understanding and respect.  Inclusion of informational content, photographs, and links does not imply official endorsement of such by the religious groups described on this web site.   These pages should not be deemed as "official" web sites for the groups described.  To share your  comments, questions, or suggestions, please contact me at bdavis@weber.edu or (801) 626-7947.